Wake Up Call

It is the worst thing to get up early in a cold winter morning. Are you tired of bread, cereals or waffles for breakfast? It is the most important meal to human beings in a day. A nice breakfast is going to act as an alarm to wake you up as well as enlighten the beginning of your day. Want to try out something new? Here is an option- Galette! What is this? It is also known as savory crepe. Galette is the French name of savory crepe. An interesting point to note is the spelling of the word savory. The American spelling of the word is savory, while British spelling comes as savoury (with a letter “u”). I came across this fact in my research process. The word savory is not equivalent to salty. According to a blog post, Sweet vs. Savory,  the word means “more fulfilling, has more ‘depth’ and more complexity of flavor”, rather than just the taste of saltiness. Although this is not a scholar or standard definition, it stands as a very convincing explanation to me.

Let us explore some background for this famous French dish. Galette’s origin is in Brittany, France. To be more specific, according to the article, Brittany Crepes and Galettes, it is originated from Haute-Bretagne (Upper Brittany), or Gallo country. The use of buckwheat wheat flour makes the galette savory crepe unique. Most of the buckwheat flour is gluten-free, which provides people who are with allergy to eat this crepe.  Sweet crepe use only egg, flour, milk and butter. Wheat flour is considered healthier compare to plain flour. Women often weight less when eating wheat containing products.  It provides higher metabolic rate along with multiple benefits for human body. Besides of health concerns, carbohydrates, calcium and protein are brought into human body after eating the Galette Savory Crepe. It is time to proceed from lecture to tutorial!


Wheat flour 60 grams

1 Egg

Milk  100 ml

Slice cheese  1 piece

Tuna  half canned

Turkey breast 2 slices

* Serving Portion: This is a one person serving. I made one regular and small size with the above ingredients.

Pictures show in Step 9 is the regular size and the small is in Step 10.

1) Pour the wheat flour into a mixing bowl.

2) Add the egg into the mixing bowl.


3) Use a measuring cup to obtain 100 ml of milk, then pour it into the mixing bowl.


4) Use a whisk to mix the ingredients evenly. The batter should be moist and without lumps.

5) Use a canned-opener to take out the tuna. Remove the water or oil before placing it into a bowl.

6) Take a fork or spoon to smash up the chunked tuna into smaller pieces.

7) Slice the turkey breast and fry it in a non-stick round frying pan. This process is to heat up the turkey. Then, leave it aside on a plate for later use.

8) Heat up the frying pan with a small amount of oil in medium heat.

9) Pour half cup to one cup of batter into the pan. It depends on the size of your pan is.

Tip: Be sure to apply a THIN LAYER only! This ensures the galette skin to be fully cooked! (Don’t be greedy!)

10) Turn the pan in a half circle to make it even. (The small size)

I was too busy to take my camera when I first made the regular size one. Here comes the second one in small size. The turning process allows the batter to become even and smooth in surface.

11) When the shape of the galette is formed for 70- 80%, place the turkey, tuna and tear up the sliced Havarti cheese into desirable size in the center of the galette skin. At the same time, please turn down the heat to low.

Tip: To determine if the shape is fixed or not, check the side of the galette skin. If should be a little crispy and curled up. The low heat prevents the skin to be overcooked while the folding process is taking place.

12) Use a frying shovel to move the side upwards and start the folding process. Use your hand and the frying shovel as assistances.

13) Here it comes.

14) If you do not have a frying shovel by your side, use a fork to stabilize the folds.


15) Fold the left side, follow by the right.

16) Fold the last part by putting the galette skin on top then flip the savoury crepe over.

Tip: You may use the frying shovel to turnover the galette and stabilize its surface.

17) The mouthwatering French Galette/ Savoury Crepe is ready for your taste buds!

A cross section of the galette. (Served with tomato ketchup)

Here’s the close up shot.

I have to apologize for my galette folding skills. This is not the proper way. The galette should end up with four sides facing up and with an egg in the center, which looks like a square. Below is a picture of how it suppose to be like:

Source: Google Images

However, my folding method guarantees the savory fillings safe and sound inside the galette. I will try the traditional method sometime later 😉

As a food lover, creativity is necessary! You may play on variations for the fillings in galette. Cheese is one of them. I chose Light Havarti Cheese.  Swiss and Cheddar are other popular types of cheese on the list. For the choice of meat, bacon, chicken and ham are three common options. Likewise, there are a wide range of choices in vegetables, such as portobello mushrooms, spinach, eggs. You are also more then welcome to use other ingredients as well! On the other hand, if one thinks that the flavor of wholewheat flour is too strong, please substitute half of the portion with all purpose flour. I guess this helps but the authentic taste of galette might change a little.

Where to buy all the ingredients?

Visit your local grocery stores such as Vons, Ralphs and Trader Joe’s are spots where you will be able to get all the ingredients. I bought the light Harvati cheese in Trader Joe’s. I would like to recommend the milk brand: Horizon Organic. Among all types of milk I have tried in the United States, this is the most delicious and provides a natural taste! Although the price is one to two dollars more than regular milk, the pureness worth it!

How long does it take?

I used less than twenty minutes from preparation to the finished product. I bet twenty minutes is not that bad when it comes to good quality food!

Galette is a simple French dish. The price ranges from $7-20 US dollars when you dine in cafes or restaurants. Without wanting to afford a high price, why not try to make it yourself and have some fun? This healthy and delighted savory crepe is an excellent wake up call for breakfast! If you are not a morning person, afternoon tea is another great option to take a great break and enjoy it with a cup of tea or coffee. Use your creativity and make a special version of your own savory crepe! Are you tempted to give it a try? 🙂

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One Response to Wake Up Call

  1. Briget says:

    Your step-by-step pictures are so helpful! Your re-creation of the Galette looks delicious and this post has inspired me to make this myself one of these mornings. I am fan of tuna =)

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